InfiRay - Jerry C Series Thermal Imager CE5

InfiRay Jerry-C Clip-on Thermal Imager CE5 - 640x512, 17μm Vox with 8-14μm Spectral Band , 11.52 Focal Length, White Hot, Highlight & Outline Display Mode. Φ30.5° FOV, IP67, 78gr

To make up for the limited performance of the low light level and low illumination night vision devices under the extreme environment, Jerry-C is a thermal imaging enhancement attachment designed for the rapid upgrade, front-fusion, and multi-mode display of equipment in service.It can enhance the user's night perception ability to ensure.

Low loading, fast installing Ultra-light weight pendant for fast front mounting.

Fusion display, fast recognition Direct fitting fusion without adjustment, various modes to improve the recognition effect.

Multiple power supply Support various batteries and external power supply.

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