Utility Solutions

A selection of personal and unit level utility solutions that offer equipment protection and individual tools to sustain operations and training.

Knives & Tools

SOG Knives & Tools

Our story begins in Vietnam, where members of a highly classified US special ops unit - known as MACV-SOG - carried a unique combat knife into the jungle on covert missions. Years later, in 1986, that knife inspired a young designer, named Spencer Frazer, to found SOG Specialty Knives. His mission: to reproduce the original SOG Bowie knife and pay tribute to the special ops unit that created it.

Fix It Sticks

It’s a real problem: most tools for your firearms — most tools period — just aren’t meant to be portable. Too big. Too clunky. Too limited in use. Nobody wants to drag a toolbox with them, and that means your hunt, your competition — whatever you’re doing — could be ruined because you don’t have the right tools on hand. We looked at what was available and thought “there’s got to be a better way.”

Cases & Slips

Explorer Cases

Based in Bologna, Italy, is the European leader in manufacturing of technical cases, recognised and valued internationally since 1970 as the most reliable technical containers on the market. Explorer Cases is a complete range of indestructible waterproof cases: the ideal solution to meet the needs of the most demanding users, in the most extreme conditions.

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