Firearms Training

A selection of firearms training and range equipment to optimise classroom lesson delivery and weapon skills.

Weapons Systems Accessories

Brass Goat By Magwell Mounts

Whether you want to easily contain and collect your brass for safety or reloading, or just want to deflect brass while shooting, Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts is an innovative AR-15 firearm brass catcher, unlike anything else on the market.

Dry Fire Mag

The Dry Fire Mag is a dry fire magazine that uses your own gun to provide audible and tactical trigger simulation. Because training and practice should feel as realistic as possible.

Elite Tactical Systems

ETS created a line of products like our reliable clear polymer pistol and rifle magazines and time-saving speed-loaders so you can spend more time perfecting your skills.


Arex Defense

AREX DEFENSE, previously only AREX, have developed innovative products, enabled by evenly innovative production methods. Our heritage is from the tooling industry, where we got precision and quality under our skin. Then we gradually shifted to the defense sector, and through our new ideas and creative engineering, fast became a part of the industry leader in several areas.


Handgun ammunition engineered for law enforcement professionals. Officers deserve reliable handgun ammunition engineered for superior expansion and penetration.



Holosun has been committed to creating innovative optic and laser/IR technologies for a broad range of shooting and hunting needs.


With a wide array of riflescope choices to fit your exact hunting and shooting needs, GPO offers everything you need to truly Enjoy Your Passion. We use only the highest-grade Aluminum alloys in our single-piece main tubes and combined with precision turrets for hunting or target shooting, you get precision tracking and repeatable shot placement every time.

Shooting Accessories

Praesidia Rifles

Veteran-owned bespoke manufacturers of moderator covers, shooting bags, packs and other accessories.

Mag Pump

The easiest way to load and unload magazines. MagPump® magazine loaders and magazine unloaders are developed for law enforcement and military personnel.

Live Fire Tactical Training

Experience the "Mother of all Malfunctions" in Live Fire Tactical Training with our nylon dummy round which simulates the Type 3 Malfunction, exactly as we would experience it in reality.

Deflector Brake

Protects Paint/Coatings, Piles Brass Up Closer, Prevents Brass-Burns Developed for Standard AR Platform Upper Receivers Saves Brass for Many Calibers Including: 223, 224, 300, 6.5, 358, 458 SOCOM


Bravo Concealment

Our holsters have been recognised by law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and law abiding citizens. We take pride in producing the best IWB and OWB concealment holsters on the market, and we will continue to innovate to stay ahead of the competition.



Take training to the next level with TriggerCam. Gain instant feedback on every shot with this innovative scope camera.

Eye Pro


The next generation of advanced protective eyeware integrated with our unique precision 'line of sight' camera technology.

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