Clothing Solutions

A selection of clothing solutions to support overt, covert and multi-role end users.




GHOSTHOOD® develops lightweight IRR-camouflage systems which are compact and effective. The focus lies on the multi-functionality of the products. You can cover many applications during the mission with just one product. As a camouflage pattern, GHOSTHOOD® uses CONCAMO®, which is based on the findings of perceptual psychology. CONCAMO® & GHOSTHOOD® are one company.

Kroko Tactical

KROKO was founded and started as a high-end leather goods producer. The focus has been and stayed the same - listening to the needs of end-users and investing into development and new technologies. During the 90's, we focused on the manufacture of tactical equipment for professionals, and in 2021 we entered the retail market, leveraging the accumulated knowledge and skills into the development of new collections available to everyone.

Covert & Discrete

Ridgeline of New Zealand

Founded in 1994, Ridgeline of New Zealand has a world-beating reputation for producing functional, durable, professional workwear that really works, where you need it most — in the field. Offering hard-wearing, reliable, real-world performance in combination with our distinctive New Zealand style, Ridgeline gear offers both protection and rugged good looks — in equal measures.


Nothing is more valuable than our health, we know that from Rovince all too well. Since 2009 we have been developing and producing clothing with a unique added value, namely: durable protection against tick bites!

Belt Systems

Kore Essentials

Since the inception of the belt thousands of years ago, traditional belts never seem to fit correctly. With holes spaced an inch or more apart, they're usually either too tight or too loose. Who here hasn't been forced to make a few holes of their own, just to get a decent fit? And then the leather holes tend to stretch and crack with age and wear. We knew there had to be a better way.


Holik Gloves

We are a Czech company engaged in the production and development of gloves, footwear and medical devices. Our success in these fields is built on the combination of traditional and proven processes complemented by modern technologies. The combination of these two approaches, together with an emphasis on innovation, continues to push our products to the next level and in less than 30 years we have become a global leader in the firefighting, rescue, police, military and medical environments.

Concealed Carry Clothing

Rounded Gear

Rounded by Concealment Express was born out of the need to find a high quality, comfortable and concealable US Made KYDEX holster without any delay. Our mission is to provide our customers with the absolute best quality, 100% US Made KYDEX holsters at a fair price and without the wait.

Holsters for Women

GTM Conceal & Carry

Gun Tote'n Mamas®, an affordable line of Concealed Carry handbags, was inspired and developed BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN. We don't make this statement lightly.

Eye Pro


The next generation of advanced protective eyeware integrated with our unique precision 'line of sight' camera technology.

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