Tactical Training

A selection of tactical equipment to support and optimise scenario based training and testing and exercising.

Training Weapons

UNIT Solutions

Dedicated to being the pre-eminent non-lethal training solution for military and law enforcement worldwide


Worldwide leader in licensed replicas. Founded in 1993, Cybergun now holds more than 21 exclusive worldwide licenses: Colt®, Desert Eagle ™ and more.

SIG Sauer

SIG SAUER® air weapons provide added realism and increase safety when conducting tactical training.

Weapon Systems Accessories

Brass Goat By Magwell Mounts

Whether you want to easily contain and collect your brass for safety or reloading, or just want to deflect brass while shooting, Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts is an innovative AR-15 firearm brass catcher, unlike anything else on the market.


Zero Tech

We are an Australian company that has used our expertise and knowledge gathered from over 50 years in the optics industry to design and manufacture our own range of optics. Built to withstand the harshest of Aussie conditions, our products are backed by an 'any owner, any problem' lifetime guarantee.

Protective Helmets

WARQ Helmets

The WARQ Pro training helmet was designed specifically for Law Enforcement and Military use in force-on-force training. Its unique ventilation system provides the best anti-fog capabilities on the market.

Eye Pro


The next generation of advanced protective eyeware integrated with our unique precision 'line of sight' camera technology.

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