A range of weapon systems, accessories and equipment to support roles within Armed Response, Specialist Firearms Operations and Protective Security including Rifle Officers. Please contact us to discuss should you have any bespoke operational needs.

Weapon Systems


All components are manufactured in the UK and designed in conjunction with a UK SF weapon representative. We proudly support our defence and law enforcement services whilst contributing to the British economy. Under our reinvestment policy, we are committed to developing new technology whilst supporting the next generation of engineers and the British Armed Forces Covenant.

Shadow Systems

Our pistols provide unparalleled quality and reliability. Manufactured from premium materials and engineered for reliability first and foremost, Shadow Systems pistols are tested in the harshest environments to ensure they perform to the highest standards, time and again.

Proof Research

Since 2012, PROOF Research has been producing carbon fibre barrels, precision steel barrels, complete rifle systems and advanced composite materials that are setting new industry standards for extreme accuracy, reduced weight, durability and longevity.


For over 25 years, Cadex has designed and manufactured an extensive line of high quality and premium products for Special Operations & Military


Derya Arms vision is to become a sustainable global brand in the defence, aviation and weapon manufacturing sector that respects the environment and nature by creating a brand power within the framework of the “dual use” concept and with our design skills and total quality mindset.


Thales has launched a new purpose-designed AR platform assault rifle – the ACAR. Designed and manufactured in a collaboration between Thales’s Lithgow Arms and Australian small arms specialist Wedgetail Industries, the ACAR series delivers the high quality and mission flexibility demanded by defence and law enforcement customers.

Weapon Systems Accessories

Ergo Grips

Manufacturers of firearm grips & accessories for ARs, AKs, Remington & Mossberg shotguns, 1911s and revolvers. 100% made in the USA, using only the finest materials. Every ERGO Grips firearm upgrade comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.


Designed to protect operators from negligent discharges by guarding the trigger from interference by gear, fauna and other stray obstructions.


We believe the trigger is the most important component in any firearm and that you should love and trust your trigger. That's why we obsess over triggers and have left no detail untouched.

Praesidia Rifle

Veteran-owned bespoke manufacturers of moderator covers, shooting bags, packs and other accessories.

Elite Tactical Systems

ETS created a line of products like our reliable clear polymer pistol and rifle magazines and time-saving speed-loaders so you can spend more time perfecting your skills.

Spartan Precision Equipment

Produce rifle and optic support systems that weigh less and achieve more. Our designs never fall short of any requirement for that product’s application.


A passion for precision and innovation drives everything MDT does. Canadian manufacturers of world-renowned chassis systems and accessories.

Tier One

Optic mounts, moderators, bipods and more. We are leaders in our field and never compromise on quality. Trusted by law-enforcement and military users across the globe.

Deflector Brake

Protects Paint/Coatings, Piles Brass Up Closer, Prevents Brass-Burns Developed for Standard AR Platform Upper Receivers. Saves Brass for Many Calibers Including: 223, 224, 300, 6.5, 358, 458 SOCOM



Holosun has been committed to creating innovative optic and laser/IR technologies for a broad range of shooting and hunting needs.

German Precision Optics

As a small company led by former executives from major sports optics manufacturing companies, we know what quality stands for. We also know that to build the type of company we want where you our customers will be proud of buying GPO products, quality is key.


InfiRay® is a development and manufacturing company devoted to infrared and thermal imaging. Infrared detectors, thermal camera cores and modules, and thermal cameras and imagers for terminal applications.


Patent pending technology securely grips your smartphone (even with a protective case) and quickly attaches it to your eyepiece. Connect your camera to any spotting scope or binocular using the lens filter threads, turning them into a telephoto lens.

Night Vision


We manufacture and supply modern, technologically-advanced Optical-Electronic Systems and Proprietary Solutions to the most scrupulous and demanding customers from NATO and FVEY. We are able to offer a service & repair for most night vision monocular and binocular devices in use by UK Police Services. Please contact us for more information.


The Cadex low-profile flip-up mount is a ruggedised aluminium NVG mount that combines lightness and a low-profile design with a maximum range of adjustability.


Vega Holsters

Established in 1992, this Italian company has become a world-leading manufacturer of holsters, pouches, bags, gloves and other accessories.

Tactical Lights


Cutting-edge illumination tools that have been tried and tested to exceed expectations. Tactical flashlights, weapons lasers and torches, and associated accessories.


Holosun has been committed to creating innovative optic and laser/IR technologies for a broad range of shooting and hunting needs.

Eye Pro


The next generation of advanced protective eyeware integrated with our unique precision 'line of sight' camera technology.

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