SOG - Tellus FLK - Wolf Grey

A broad-shoulder 3.65” CYRO 440 stainless steel blade provides plenty of backbone to this outdoors workhorse. The GRN handle is easy to manipulate when performing a wide variety of tasks, while SOG’s framelock mechanism has been engineered to mitigate the effects of dirt, mud and other debris that can foul a mechanism.

Your trusted companion in the forest or field

Tellus FLK is a dependable, full-sized frame lock folder that comes up big when you need it most.

Full of features

A 3.2" CYRO 440 stainless steel blade, simple frame lock mechanism, GRN handle, and a reversible pocket clip round out the features of this very capable folding knife designed to take care of business in the backcountry.

CRYO 440C Stainless Steel

The perfect combination of outstanding corrosion and wear resistance that is required for a knife that is destined for hard outdoor use. The stonewashed finish offers increased corrosion resistance and hides scratches to keep your knife looking great over time.

GRN Handle

Nylon is a popular material for knife handles because of its strength, impact resistance, chemical inertness and stability at high temperatures. All these characteristics are enhanced by adding glass fibers to the nylon to create a new material, glass reinforced nylon (GRN).

Frame Lock

Simple frame lock design offers quick and secure opening using the thumb stud or kick opener. Purposefully designed to operate in the dirt, mud and muck.

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