TriggerCam 2.1

The TRIGGERCAM mobile app provide the user with fully integrated control interface to your TRIGGERCAM through Wi-Fi connectivity. The app is available on both IOS & Android platforms downloadable from the app stores free. The app provides users with the following interactive functions:

  • Livestream TRIGGERCAM to your mobile device.
  • Control the recording of your TRIGGERCAM from your device.
  • Record, save and view videos directly from your device.
  • Share your video/photo content on Social media platforms and with friends.
  • Manage all the settings of your TRIGGERCAM.
  • Access the gallery of all your video/photo content on your mobile device.

Aircraft grade aluminum and proprietary anti shock materials: Military grade design, engineered to withstand recoil force and unforgiving outdoor conditions

Dimensions L x W x H : 100mm x 50mm x 93.2mm

Weight: 453 grams

Rifle Scope Eyepiece compatibility: 32mm – 48mm

Smart Phone APP: TRIGGERCAM 2.1 APP available on Android, IOS & Huawei operating systems. Live streaming capability, video gallery, camera control, download and edit videos.

Memory: SD Card up to 128G, Class U3 or Above.

Wi-Fi: Integrated Wi-Fi with live streaming function and instant downloading of videos

Quick record: Switches on power and record function for instant recording

Optics: Multi coated optical lens for optimal performance.

Video stabilisation: Advanced video stabilisation technology assists in optimal quality videos minimising recoil effects. Function can be switched ON/OFF

Waterproof: IP64 rating

Battery: Integrated lithium ion battery with 2.5 hours recording time, and 10 hours standby time

High definition slow motion video replay: 4 x (1080P 100/120fps) / 8 x (720P 200/240fps)

True sound microphone: Able to record high quality sound 360 degree true sound, able to switch on and off

Resolution: 4K 30fps

1080P 120fps/60fps/30fps

720P 240fps/120fps

USB: C-type USB,

HDMI: Micro HDMI for TV output

Video output: PAL/NTSC

Recording Timing Alarm: Off/3min/5min/10min

Input Voltage: 5V

Other features: Auto low light function

What’s in the box: 1 x TRIGGERCAM 2.1

1 x C-type USB Cable

32GB micro SD card

1 x Quick start guide

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